Receive a Tattoo During A Spiritual Journey

On 19 october, at 11:00 hrs till 17:00 hrs. the Tibetan Artist Tashi Norbu accompanied by Musicians from Tibetan Mantra Lounge will lead you to a wonderful tattoo journey celebrating life, hopes and inspirations.

I always had requests for a Tibetan tattoo and I was always fascinated by letting people have my calligraphy or any kind of legend painted on a canvas or rice paper; then they would happily run to a Tattooer to proudly copy n’ paste my Tibetan artwork on their skin.

Depicting on skin images of Tibetan motives, meaningful symbols, patterns and legends to accompany you in life and connect you with a fascinating spiritual world! In an unusual sacred way, we will create your tattoo with rituals. And tattoo will be a ritual itself: a symbolic behavior with meaningful “mantras” which will be performed at the beginning and the end of the tattoo session, to get us into the right mindset and focus us at the moment; suggesting a meditation session removing any negative vibe, assuring a safe passage and a balance in all. That’s what we do in Tibet when facing anxiety and we boost confidence. People do feel anxiety before a tattoo and our rituals would signify protection and care; we are happy to announce that if desired, great Tibetan Lama would give you a name to be tattooed which would be a sacred shield on you. Visit us for this unique experience of a tattoo suggesting life force energy in life with your selected design representing your personality, thoughts and beliefs on skin by Tashi Norbu.

Write to Tashi or phone for info details  0614937786 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Aanmelden met 30 % van de Prize voorafbetalen

Smaller word or name with little design starts with 150 euros as for Tashi Norbu